How to conduct professional interviews

Value creation (Operation and Process Optimization)
August 14, 2018
Attend on job interview
August 14, 2018
  • Do you know how and what to ask?
  • Do you know when you should use open ended questions?
  • Are you able to lead an effective interview or does it sometimes take much longer than you planned?
  • Are your easily misled by your interviewees?
  • Would you like to learn techniques to identify the interviewee’s real value?
  • Do you want quality hires?
  • Are you wondering why new hires leave within a week, a month or during the probation period?
  • How to change your standard method of interviewing to improve candidate experience
  • How to be prepared for an interview
  • Are you ready for tricky questions?
  • How to analyze answers and read body language
  • How to select and tailor your interview style based on the interviewee and the position
  • What is a competency based interview?